This blog is a way for me to share thoughts and ideas on my journey through teaching, particularly through the use of technology.

I am a Year 4 teacher in my 4th year of teaching in country Victoria, Australia.  While I have had a class blog this year in Year 4 and previously in Year 2, having my own personal blog is something completely different – exciting, but different!

My school is currently implementing a 1:1 iPad rollout for 2014 for year 5-10 students which I have been heavily involved in researching and developing.  As part of this rollout, I am part of a team responsible for staff PD, to teach and encourage ways of using the iPads in a multitude of year levels and subject areas. Teaching staff is really no different to teaching children!

I enjoy using the iPads with my students but love to explore web 2.0 tools as well, to create a diverse technology culture. It’s an experience I love to share, as we are so privileged to live in a society with so much technology readily available!

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  1. Saw your mystery skype tweet–interested in doing one with my grad class Tuesday-your Wed at 10am your time? Didn’t want to tweet request because they would see it on twitter 🙂 My email is

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