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18 for 2018

Inspired by the ‘Happier with Gretchen Rubin’ podcast, (Episode 147, here) I have developed my own list of 18 things that I want to try during 2018 – #18for2018.
The invisible task on my list is to focus on my work-life balance, so you may notice that the majority of these are based around my personal life, not my work/school life!

  1. Try a pottery class
  2. Start a compost bin/worm farm
  3. Go to the gym at least twice a week
  4. Ring my 2 best friends once a month (this should not even need to make it to the list, however I’ve been so SLACK!)
  5. Run 3km (not a huge achievement for most, but for this asthmatic, HUGE)
  6. Try one of the self-guided classes at my gym
  7. Read 12 books and document them on GoodReads
  8. Learn conversational French (as you may have read on my blog earlier, I’m teaching French from Year 1-8…oui oui!)
  9. Finalise all name changes from my wedding…
  10. Learn to make kombucha
  11. Run a DoTERRA oils class to teach others about the benefits of using essential oils
  12. Cull my old school supplies – at least the 4 boxes that I haven’t opened since leaving classroom teaching in 2015
  13. Send Christmas cards (in December of course)
  14. Commit to Meat-Free Monday, as much as possible
  15. Continue travelling
  16. Finish the Noah’s Ark quilt that I started while I was still at uni…at least 9 years ago
  17. Take time to appreciate the little things
  18. Walk Tess (my dog) at least once a week (setting the bar low, but aiming for more than once a week)

There you go! Now to place this list somewhere in my home so I see it often to remind me! If you feel like sharing your #18for2018, I’d love to see yours!

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Comfort Zones are for sissies.

In 2018, I will be pushed waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone. Why?

I was asked by my Principal a few months ago if I’d be interested in running a STEM class. While I’m not 100% behind the concept of running STEM as a separate class because I feel that it should be fully integrated, due to needing an additional elective for Year 7/8 and a few other staffing conditions, I said yes!

This means that I’ll be teaching a STEM elective for a composite Year 7/8 class. There are 3 different 7/8 classes meaning that I’ll teach the same content for Term 1, 2 and 3 to the groups as they rotate through and then Term 4 will be different, as students opt-in to the elective of their choice in the final Term.

For the Year 9/10 class however, student opt-in to it from the beginning, so I have them all year. This is where it gets a bit scary. Year 7/8 content I feel like I can handle for the most part…but Year 9/10? My High School Science skills are fairly limited and rusty beyond all belief and regarding High School Maths…well, I can add numbers and work out angles and percentages…that’s all I need right? I’m not so stressed about the Technology & Engineering aspects, so that’s my little comfort factor.

To fully push me out of my comfort zone beyond all belief, I’m teaching French. FRENCH.  From Year 2-Year 8. To be honest, I accepted the request to teach it (I had the option to say no…) and I am excited about it, but it’s going to be a steeeeeep learning curve. I know a few French words, like crêpe, baguette, croissant…but they are all foods, which surely can’t take up the entire curriculum? French podcasts, here I come! Plus apps, puppet shows, comic strips…eeeek!


Teaching something out of your comfort zone next year? Let me know!

And good on you – the world is a better place for taking on a good challenge!