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Not a NYE resolution, just reality.

I’ve started a new part of my day. I started last night…and it’s going well 18 hours on.

It’s not a New Year’s Resolution, because:

a) I’m starting it BEFORE January 1st

b) I’ve never managed to keep a NYE resolution before

c) It’s a coping mechanism, not a radical life-changing promise

Last night I pulled out a small notebook and wrote 3 things that I wanted to achieve today. Nothing groundbreaking, just ‘things’.


I’m proud to say that the new microwave we got for Christmas is unpacked and 2 bags of clothes have made it to the op-shop bins. My walk in robe in now usable and my bedroom is nearly free of random clothes lying around.

My new reality is 3 things every day. I feel like I have achieved something to help me find clarity and peace.

What would your 3 things be?

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