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Core Values + ClassDojo

This year our school has adopted the 5 C’s for our core values and overarching motto. They underpin our relationships with students, the Chapels and devotions we have and our behaviour management. At our fortnightly assemblies, we recognise a student from each year level who has demonstrated the particular ‘C’ of the fortnight.

The 5 C’s are:

  • Christ-centred

  • Caring

  • Committed (to learning)

  • Courteous

  • Considerate

Even though I introduced these with my class early on in the year and refer to them throughout the week when praising certain behaviour, I felt that I wasn’t utilising the 5 C’s to their full potential. I recently began using ClassDojo and the little lightbulb in my head lit up last week when I came up with a way to integrate the two aspects.

Previously, my ClassDojo positive behaviours were things like ‘On Task’, ‘Listening’, ‘Helping Others’, ‘Teamwork’, ‘Persisting’ and ‘Following instructions quickly’ (I have a lot of dawdlers in my class!).  After I integrated the 5 C’s into my positive behaviours, they now look like this:

Screenshot 2015-07-06 13.08.35

Some of theme are a little long to see at a glance and I’ve added a few adverbs to help my students further understand. I now have:

  • Calmly Persisting

  • Carefully Listening

  • Classroom Care

  • Committed & On Task

  • Complete Instructions Quickly

  • Considerate

  • Cooperation (Teamwork)

  • Courtesy & Kindness (Speaking Kindly)

As a fan of alliteration and catchy titles, I’m hoping that these 8 C’s will tie in with the 5 that we already recognise as a whole school, meaning that students will be completely immersed in the language and the expected actions.


2 thoughts on “Core Values + ClassDojo

  1. Hey there!! Jenna here from ClassDojo 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing how you are using ClassDojo in your classroom. We really appreciate your support! If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Cheers! – Jenna and the ClassDojo Team

  2. Hi there! Manoj here from ClassDojo. Love how you customized it to work for your classroom. Thanks so much for sharing the #ClassDojoLove. Let us know if we can ever be helpful!

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