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iPads + Maths for lower primary

I was asked this week for some junior primary Maths games for the iPad. Games to help consolidate learning, rapid recall and mental strategies. I trawled though the multitude of apps I have on my iPad and this is what I found:

Tens Frame ($1.99) – perfect for small group work, with many uses (addition, subtraction, subitising).

Dragon Math (free version) – basic addition memory match with a dragon-egg theme. Multi-player options, difficulty levels and different mathematical operations are available to be unlocked/purchased, but the simple addition is a fantastic start!

Super 7 HD – join the numbers that add up to 7. Begins simple, gets harder the higher you progress.

Math Bingo ($0.99) – a basic bingo game which allows you to select the mathematical operation and number of players. Of course it features catchy music and sound effects. Get 5 numbers in a row to win the game! Focuses on rapid recall.

Number pieces – interactive MAB blocks. Perfect for making numbers when you don’t have the physical blocks, but with the added function of writing/drawing annotations on or around them. No substitute for real MAB blocks, but a decent effort.

Addimals – funky jungle animals who talk through simple addition problems. It features a number line and various strategies for the user to select such as ‘count all’, ‘count on’, ‘doubles’, ‘tens’ or ‘memory’.

By no means are these a substitute for a core maths lesson, but can often provide some time to consolidate basic maths concepts.

Feel free to share any great apps that you use with a maths focus!

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